music projects

Here you can find my own albums as well as projects where I helped out.

Album: Timbres

Experimental synthesizer music.

Album: About November

Yseto and I recorded this album in early November using a multitrack recorder.

Album: Lullabies for Friends

This album is meant to carry the feeling of deep friendship and the wonders that happen when you spend time with them.

Album: Volca Modular Sessions II

This is the second part of improvisations I did with the KORG Volca Modular. The album is available on Spotify and other platforms under the name “Modular Sessions II”.

EP: Toneskipping and Earth Overtones A

An ambient / drone split EP with my friend Yseto.

EP: Cryptids

This is an experimental EP in which I used a custom synthesizer setup (YETI 110m).

Album: Volca Modular Sessions

This is a collection of improvisations I did with the KORG Volca Modular.

Single: Yseto + Yethiel - Owt

Recording of a Jam with Yseto. You can hear his modular synth setup including a Pittsburgh Lifeforms SV-1 and my Volca Modular.

Album Release: Yseto - An Isle For You

Mastering and publishing of Yseto’s second album An Isle for You.

Live Album: At 7shots Coffee

This album is a live recording of a performance on a KORG Volca Modular from March 16, 2020 at the 7shots café. The album is dedicated to the café and the people who spend their time there.

Album: Blue Sun

This album is a collection of live recordings and arrangements made with my KORG Volca Modular in the beginning of 2020.

Album Release: Yseto - Transit to Now

Mastering and publishing of Yseto’s debut album Transit to Now, as well as management of social media accounts.