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Patching Flowers is a group of artists/musicians and functions an independent record label for ambient, electronic and experimental music.

It was founded on the 11th October 2020.

In 2020 I started making music after being inspired by my then flatmate Yseto and a seminar I took at uni called “Psychoacoustic Experiments in the Studio”. Since Yseto is working with a modular synthesizer and the seminar focused on working with and designing modular synthesizers, I picked up a Volca Modular. Despite them calling it a micro modular synthesizer, its potential seemed to be much bigger than any Eurorack system four times the price.
The Volca Modular still is my main synthesizer and I started modifying it to use banana jacks rather than the tiny millimeter-sized connectors.

Yseto and I continued to work on our projects together and decided to open an outlet for our work. Our plan is to work with more people and build a supporting community for everyone interested in experimental electronic music.

I wrote the website and its design using plain HTML and CSS. The logo was made by Lara Moenikes.